Ex-situ Conservation Centres of Medicinal Plant Species in West Bengal


Short Address:
Alipore, Kolkata.

Main Address:

The Agri-Horticultural Society of India
1, Alipore Road,
Kolkata - 700 027, India
Phone : 91 - 33 - 3262 5631 
Phone & Fax : 91 - 33 - 2479 3580
e-mail : ahsikolkata@gmail.com
website : www.agrihorticultureindia.com


The Agri Horticultural Society of India, the oldest institution of its kind in India, situated at 1 Alipore Road, Kolkata, in the prime locality of the city and spread over 21 acres comprising main lawns and informal gardens and children park, having many rare and tropical plants as gene banks. Founded in 1820 by Rev. Dr. William Carey with the set-out objectives: development and promotion of agriculture and horticulture in India. Dr. Carey brought extinct species of plants and nurtured them in the garden of the society. He also brought in Maize, Cotton, Tea, Sugar cane and Cinchona from different countries and instilled plantation habit in different part of the country. Dr. N. Wallich was the honorary secretary of the Society during the period 1822-1828 and was followed by number of devoted scientists and agri horticultural lovers over almost two hundred years to serve the Society in different capacities.
Bio diversity of plants and Ecological factors are constantly being nurtured at the Garden of the Society, in this age of scarcity and pollution. Consultancy, training, awareness programs, seminars and symposiums and technical services are the prime activities of the garden in addition to generating more plantation and preserving the extinct and endangered species that have been planted by the predecessors in the past.

The activities of the Society are summarized below-

1. Conducting Agri-Horticultural Shows and Competitions such as 

   Cactus and Succulent Shows

   Summer Garden Competition

   Foliage Plants Show

   Chrysanthemum, Rose, Dahlia and Gladiolus Show

   Home Growing Competition

   Winter Garden Competition

   Annual Flower Show

   Mango Mahotsav

          2. Propagation of the rare plants, shrubs, trees and offering Home

          3. Pot Services to plant lovers of the city

          4. Development and preservation of Medicinal and Herbal Plants

          5. Research and Development through Tissue Culture

          6. Educational Training

            Holding of International Seminar

            Coordinating Exhibitions Conferences on Agri-Horticultural products

            Conducting 1 year diploma course

            "Certificate in Horticulture" at the Society's Carey's Institute for Boys, affiliated to Calcutta University                               

             Conducting short course Training Programs for entrepreneurs

               a) Home Gardening b) Bonsai Production c) Mushroom Culture

         7. Nature Study and Photography

                  Organizing Photography Salon at national and international level for the study of flora and fauna

                  Bringing the school children nearer to the nature and horticulture

8. Garden Development and Maintenance
The society is actively engaged in designing, developing and implementing various landscape projects including their maintenance in and around Kolkata.

9. Consultancy and Advisory Services

The society offers Consultancy and Advisory Services through its Horticulture Development Foundation on Landscape design, plantations, mushroom cultivation, vegetable farming, medicinal and herbal plantations, export oriented horticulture through its panel of experts.